Friday 21 October 2016 CTF 2016 "Old-Tshirt Contest" write-up

I'm a member of CTF team woyouyizhixiaomaol .
Here is our submission for the "Old-Tshirt Contest" challenge held during CTF 2016 by FluxFingers.

Challenge description:
Hey, to get points for this challenge send us a picture of you wearing your old hacklu t-shirts and a sign with your team name to <masked email>. The older the shirts are the more points do you get. You only get points for one t-shirt per year. The points per t-shirt calculate as:
    2017 - Year of the shirt
The more different t-shirts you have the more points you get.

Digging through my wardrobe, I found 12 t-shirts ranging from 2005 till 2016.

We received 78 points for this entry, we also got a special mention during the CTF prize ceremony :).

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